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Our brands,  are in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, has been awarded the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, which shows that every product that can be associated with human health has a high level of quality in all stages and applications, and the HALAL Certificate, which registers the products produced in accordance with Islamic rules. These documents show our perspective on quality, cosmetic safety and the importance we attach to you.

ISO 9001 Certificate


With our brands in the cosmetic products industry; In line with being a company whose name is synonymous with quality and trust in the sector;

  • To comply with the legal requirements and the regulations of the Ministry of Health,

  • To provide quality materials and workmanship, to comply with our deadline promise,

  • To continuously improve our production and production methods,

  • Not compromising cleanliness and hygiene with good manufacturing practices, providing the necessary infrastructure,

  • To be aware of the fact that the trust we provide to our customers is a big capital and to increase this capital day by day, to ensure customer satisfaction,

  • Adopting all our employees as a fundamental duty not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other employees and visitors with the help of necessary information and training,

  • To establish a prevention culture by systematically making risk assessments regarding possible dangerous situations and behaviors within the scope of all our activities,

  • To ensure continuous improvement without compromising the standards of Quality & GMP Management Systems,

Quality & GMP is our policy.

Halal Certificate

Within the scope of the production all our brands are certified by WCS International Certification Services authorized by Der, we will continue our activities with the accuracy of the information and documents seen / approved in our respected brands facility and in our next production process as approved, and if there is any change in our production, product, raw materials and suppliers and processes, WCS Uluslar We undertake to provide information to the Certification Services and the Halal Association.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate


The purpose of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices); It is the definition, implementation and continuity of the procedures applied to keep the possible dangers in our business under control. Our company is applied in the GMP System, supplier control, standards and maintenance for outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, equipment and departments, personal hygiene, personnel areas and clothes, storage, raw material handling, semi-product and final product processes, cleaning and disinfection programs, production areas. It covers the safety of technical services provided, waste management, and measures taken for recycling.