Thalia Natural Baby Soap - Intense Chamomile Extract 100 gr Pink

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Product Information:
Thalia Baby Soap, with its formula containing natural ingredients and moisturizers, cleans your baby's sensitive skin without harming it, prevents the skin from drying out and ensures that its already soft skin preserves this feature.
With its intense chamomile extracts, it is compatible with your baby's sensitive skin and can be used safely during diaper rash.

Technical Details: It
is a product that is friendly to your baby's skin with its caustic and paraben-free formula.

Product Usage:
Wet your baby's hair and body with warm water. Lather a soft sponge with soap.
Clean your baby with foamy warm water and a sponge.
Rinse your hair and body carefully.
Dry your baby with gentle movements.
To complete your baby's natural care, moisten his body with fast-absorbing Thalia Baby Oil.

You can also wash your newborn's clothes with Natural Baby Soap instead of detergent.

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