Travel Set - Istanbul (Body Care)

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Thalia Natural Beauty Istanbul Travel Set (Body Care)

Product information:

With the Thalia Natural Beauty Istanbul Travel Set, your skin is entrusted to Thalia during your vacation!

Ancient with its culture of thousands of years, proud with being the capital of three empires, unique with combining Asia and Europe, romantic with love permeating all its streets, exuberant with its never-ending motion… Mysterious both in the past and today… Istanbul!

Thalia Natural Beauty prepared the Istanbul Travel Set, inspired by this unique city, so that you can take care of your skin in the most beautiful way while you are on vacation. Thalia Natural Beauty Istanbul Travel Set; It consists of shower gel, body lotion and soap.

You will feel the magic of Istanbul on your skin with the unique combination of 100 percent organic argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and olive oil, which is a storehouse of vitamins E, D and K. While your skin and hair are intensely moisturized, they will be smoother and softer. Thanks to these products that penetrate deep into your skin, you will regain the natural appearance you lost due to weather changes and environmental factors.

Olive Oil & Organic Argan Oil Shower Gel (100 ml): With its olive oil and organic argan oil content, the product saturates your skin with moisture and makes it smooth and soft. While it cleans your skin gently with its abundant foam, it also nourishes and shines it with natural vitamins and valuable oils in its formula. How to use: Use the product every day to experience permanent freshness.

Olive Oil & Organic Argan Oil Body Lotion (100 ml): The product penetrates deep into your skin with its organic argan oil and olive oil content and offers all the moisture it needs. On the other hand, it makes your skin soft. How to use: Apply the product morning and evening, by massaging in circular motions from bottom to top for a few minutes.

Olive Oil & Organic Argan Oil Soap: This natural soap, which you can safely use for body, face and hair cleaning, beautifies the skin with its abundant foam and soft structure, strengthens the hair, and increases the resistance of the skin against skin diseases. How to use: Wash your face by foaming the product, leave it as a mask for two or three minutes, then rinse with cold water. If you want to use it during the bath, lather it with hot water and apply it all over your body and hair. Wait for a while and rinse with warm water.

Technical details: It
does not contain substances harmful to human health such as SLS, SLES, paraben, caustic. The products have not been tested on animals.

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